Monday, August 1, 2011

Simple Summer

Summer- California: At Home Style

Simply Summer or Summer Simply…whichever way you look at it the best way to keep cool is to keep it easy.
With so many families staying home and enjoying their own neighborhoods this year it is easy to gather friends at the last minute for a simple evening dinner.
We are blessed in California to have tepid climate all year, but the summer is really what we are about. Dining outside or Al Fresco, is an easy and magical way to enjoy the long evenings ahead.
 It’s all about the table Baby…bring out your table and chairs. One night won’t hurt any wood(just remember to turn off the sprinklers) Find all the half used candles you have left over from more formal dinners and put them in flower pots,  canning jars, bowls anything so you can make a great reflective grouping on the table. Put some pots around with herbs, or great smelling flowers, gather some cut one’s from your garden. Its natures air freshener.dining alfresco serra.jpg
Make dinner simple- hummus and pita are available at any market. Add some olive oil and some warmed pine nuts and a store bought becomes- yum!
 Grill some steaks, add sliced veggies to some olive oil with S &P and put on the grill in tin foil. Love no cleanup! Make a salad and you are minutes to a great summer evening.Hummus-280b.jpg              ei1c03_grilled_vegetables_lg.jpg
Now comes the fun part- think of a game that you loved as a kid. Bring out the wine and ice cream. Get everyone involved- even those nay sayers- they usually have the most fun. Boggle is one of our favorites. It gets everyone thinking and even the kids get to show off their smarts. The time sitting, holding hands and looking out into the stars… That’s what makes summer so special. Make those times happen, often and your simple summer will be simply fantastic!
Happy Summer-
 Elizabeth Lamont and California: At Home

Thursday, July 28, 2011

Postacrds From Malibu

Welcome to Postcards from Malibu.

Weekly, I will let you know the best new lifestyle and home decor items that I find.

Malibu has a laid back,bohemian style that translates well to wherever you may live.
It is full time Summer here and we love how everybody so easily slips into that mind set.

Effortless entertaining is what we all aim for. Look at these fantastic melamine dinner ware.
 Can you tell they are not ceramic? Dishwasher safe. Lots of people using for everyday. No chips on these. Comes in many colors.
Add some fantastic unbreakable glasses that were designed for restaurants, and you have a carefree table setting that will carry you through fall.
Happy Summer,
 from Room at the Beach, Malibu
All available at

Sunday, July 24, 2011

Postacards From Malibu

I was spending a wonderful Sunday at home. Completley undistracted. Enjoying some creative time, when I came across a page from a magazine that took my breath away.

A few years ago I was feeling very lost and did not know where my life was going. I read the quote below and it began to heal me. As I find it again, I thought I would share it.

"One of the signs of magic,of happiness,is how things and events in your life connect,of how you do one thing that seems arbirty at the time and then turns out to be the first and most neccessary step in a process that leads to fulfillment."
Polly Devlin

Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Tips to Summer Up your Home:
California Style by Liz Lamont

Sunday…Sleepy…, reading a copy of COASTAL LIVING.  All of a sudden motivation comes at me and I am off to set my house up for summer.  It really jazzes me up to redo my house both inside and out at the change of seasons.  Here are some ideas to bring a little California inside your own home.

1.  Start at the Front door - take away the winter scarves and umbrellas, add some fun beachy, lakey or mountainy props (wherever you live) and you will get a fresh breath every time you co me home.

2.   This could be my favorite - I always feel that a Powder Room is the place to let your inner self shine! Kinda like when you become your real self at Halloween, show some great creativeness When the message is clear keep going - I always put reading material in for guests and family to ponder. Small or large books- something to capture their attention- maybe even to discuss afterwards! Here are some books that I love for summer!

3.  Put together some things in your home and Create a Collection.  You may not even realize you have been collecting certain items all these years as they’ve been randomly scattered throughout the house. Gather them! Add some whimsy and voila!  A nod to summer. . Here is a collection of Sand Pails I had used in one of my kids room. In the family room it says SUMMER!

4. Bring out those cushions and pillows for the patio or deck - nothing says California like living outdoors. You have another living room out there.  Use it!  If your pillows are a bit lackluster from being in the garage all winter, order some new covers but until then use some great matching beach towels.   There are so many choices now that can stay outside with out any harm from wet or fading. Welcome to your new room!

5.  For those of you who don’t live near any water, add some touches anyway.  It gets hot real fast now, so have a great jug of lemonade on the weekend for friends and family. Put a bowl of lemons on the coffee table - they may have come from the store but your house has the feel of summer already.


Keep California Dreamin’-xo Liz

Monday, April 18, 2011

Creating the California Home

As the warm spring days start showing up in Southern California, I am drawn to the idea of opening up my house to create that so loved indoor outdoor feeling that I have here, living in Malibu. I want to Spring clean and rearrange my house. There are lots of birthdays in our lives just now and so it is also the perfect time to start celebrating family and friends. What better way to do this than entertaining?
I want to share with you how to bring our amazing California Lifestyle into your own home. Let’s go…
Firstly-Throw open the doors and windows and let drops of sunshine blow away the long winter dullness. Experience the smells and scents of spring.
When I walk out my door the scents of orange blossoms and jasmine are intoxicating. I love to leave the windows open and have those scents fill my rooms. If you don’t have sweet scents outdoors yet,create a window box with lavender and rosemary that scents the air as the wind passes by.
California has an abundance of hiking trails and beaches and I am never at a loss to fill my home with flowers, branches all pilfered from nature.  Walk down to the beach, lake, creek or wherever you can find a bit of nature and bring it back indoors. Fill hurricanes with some sand, moss and layer with rocks, shells. Put a pillar in the hurricane and you have begun your transformation to spring.

Next..Change up your pillows and throws-put away (after cleaning) those wintery rust, greens, and browns and add some great soft greens and blues. Let the colors of the sky and blossoming leaves be your guide. Large graphic prints look current and the entire room will pop with color by just changing a few details.

photo credit House Beautiful

Now that the windows are cleaned ,(please no more rain) and the rooms have been freshened, let’s get to those parties.  Every April we get a flurry of friends from back East who have to come  to the sunshine of California. Small dinner parties are my favorite and especially Friday night ones.
I am always working so the meal has to be simple, relaxing and fun. I put my guests to work. They mostly are foodies too ,so that is not too much of a problem. They chop for salads while I get to the main course. Fish is easy and the best when fresh and simply grilled. A quick cous-cous and the dinner is practically done.  Let’s get to the table because that’s where my passion lies…
Layering and  special details are what make a great table. I love a simple white plate which always shows off  food the best. But what’s around it is what counts. Napkin rings are my weakness so I always pull out something fun, but anything to add just another layer of interest is great. I f you don’t have  some rings on hand that you love, use what’s around you. Put a piece of fruit on the plate to act as a place card.”You, my dear, are the lemon tonight!” what fun to look at your friends like fruit!
What’s the mood? Still a bit chilly to eat outside, so what says California more than bringing in out and vice versa? I love the organic and rustic mixed with fine dinnerware-or again vice versa. The key is to mix up your things. I have recently been in love with burlap on the table. You can get it at any fabric store but I have some runners that I made for the store that are bit more polished with a detailed edge. The colors of brown and blue set the color theme and off we go.
California says ease and that’s what I want you to embrace in your own homes-casual with style- that sums up my look. Till next time…Hope You will be California dreamin’